September 19, 2014

Playing Catch Up - July

July is always a busy month for us.  Jeremy's birthday and the 4th (being the same day) we always have a party and go to the fireworks (on the 3rd because my town is lame like that.)This year was fun because my brother and his family were in town.  My sister Jocelyn was also here visiting and my mom came up. So we had lots of family together that we don't usually see all the same time.

On the fourth we go to a parade in one of the smaller towns by our house.  I hate it. Tony loves it.  It was fun to go with the whole family though.

I love our valley!

My sister has been sick and as a result her hair was thinning out so she bought a wig.  Everyone had to try it on.  Jonah looked the best in it.  He would have looked awesome in the 80's.


We went to the annual car show and walked around and looked at the old cars.  It was a bazillion degrees so we all got fans.  Rachel loved hers and had to dress the part when she got home.

The Sunday my sister left we went and visited Tony's brothers and parents. We hadn't seen his brother Chris and Nick for years.  It was a fun family reunion.


All of Grandpa Strong's boys together in the same place.  I don't know that that has ever happened. At least not for 15 years.


Jonah and his cousins (Chris's boys).  To put this picture into perspective, Jonah is 6 feet tall. 

Again, I love our valley!


Rachel having fun in the pool.  This was a fun picture sequence to do.  Although it probably took 500 shots to get it right.

 Grandma came up to visit one more time before she left for her mission.


Tony got bit by a hornet.

We visited Grandpa Brian and Grandma Maryann at their hotel when they came and stayed for the opera.  Rachel go to go swimming with her aunts.

24th of July parade.

Tony's birthday is the 25th.

Jonah purposely keeps his eyes closed in pictures to irritate me.

Tony would kill me if he knew I posted this on here.  He was showing us how strong he still is for an old 45 year old man.

The Newest LDS Missionary

In June my mom got her mission call. Watch the video.  It is very well worth the 53 seconds.  Her reaction is priceless.


For reference mom lives in Springville, which is only 51 miles south of Salt Lake.

Her missionary farewell was at the end of August.  It was fun to see our family together again NOT for a funeral or a visit to the cemetery. I wrote about the day on my other blog

Tony and I went down and helped mom move into her new apartment.  It was fun.  It felt like when she moved me into college.  We had a nice lunch together with her best friends after everything was unloaded.  This is my mom and her best friend Karen.

Official first missionary selfie with her nametag.

Mom and her mission president and his wife at a luncheon.

We are so excited for her.  She is going to love it!

Playing Catch Up - June

Jonah's 16th birthday.  As always, he requested Texas Roadhouse. Jonah brought his buddy Colyn with us.  They have known each other since 1st grade and skate together a lot.  They have always looked a lot a like and people ask them if they are brothers.

Last day of Kindergarten. Rachel had great teachers this year.

Jonah was so excited for summer so he could skate a lot.  But in week 2 of summer he fell off his board and rolled his ankle and ended up in a brace for 4 weeks. 

I finally was able to buy the paintings at the local art festival this summer that I have wanted for years.  I was so happy it made me cry.  These are not mine below but are the same pictures.  She repainted them and put them on canvas for me.  They are painted on silk and covered in a shiny resin and are beautiful.  She has the most amazing art.  You can see her website here.  Rachel talked me into letting her get her face painted and have cotton candy while we were there too.


My friend Kristi and her boys came over and played in the water and on the tramp.  It is a summer tradition. Can't forget the Popsicles.

Father's day. Rachel made an elaborate card and we got some nice ceramic bowls that Tony has wanted for him.

Then of course it snowed again. 

We went to Salt Lake to pick up my sister Jocelyn and stopped at the Gateway and let Rachel run through the fountain.  She loved it.

She was pretty wiped out when we got home.