July 16, 2014

Playing Catch Up - May 2014

Spring FINALLY arrived!!

Tony got me a frog to put in our garden for Mother's Day.  I just searched my camera and phone and I didn't take any pictures on Mother's Day weekend. My mom came up.  We had a BBQ.  Really weird  that I didn't take any pictures.

Rachel had a birthday part at the local Fun Park.  She had fun playing air hockey with Tony.

The weather was finally warm enough to ride bikes and play outside.

On the Sunday before Memorial Day we went to the Aquarium in Salt Lake.  It was crowded, but fun.  (Jonah purposely takes bad pictures thinking I won't post them.)


Traditional Swenson Memorial Day.  Cemeteries, pictures on headstone a picnic.  I bought a frog to put on my dad's grave like the one I got for Mother's Day.  Jonah finally took a good picture.

This shows how much Rachel has grown up since last year.

Playing Catch Up - March/April 2014



I'm crazy obsessive when it comes to case lot sales.  It drives Tony nuts.  I was pretty impressed with my haul this last time.  This is just the downstairs pantry.  But that is over 600 cans.  So if the Zombie Apocalypse happens we will have enough beans, tuna and vegetables for a few weeks.

March was Daddy and Doughnuts day.  Unfortunately Rachel woke up with a weird rash (ended up being 5th Disease that was going around.) so Tony went and got doughnuts for them to eat at home instead. 

One of our close family friends had a baby shower and Rachel and I went.  Tara used to babysit Rachel when she was a baby. Rachel had fun making a onesie for baby Julia.

There was also Muffins with Mom in March. 

Easter.  My mom came up and we did Easter eggs and BBQ.

Rachel had a singing program where they all had to bring hats.  Which of course freaked me out after the lice scare. (See January.) I of course being the OCD mom called and made sure they weren't sharing hats.

Snow and more snow.  This is the view outside my window at work.

 Rachel and her friend Sierra having fun playing dress ups.

May 29, 2014

Playing Catch Up - February 2014

There were some good moments in February among the sad anniversaries and my grandfather's funeral.  

Awesome picture with my iPhone surprisingly enough.  I took this from the car by the temple.  (I stopped and pulled over to take it for the record.)

I end up with a million pictures like this on my phone all the time. She has play makeup on.  Not a bruise.

Tony actually had a goatee for a few weeks.  My favorite.  He hates them.

Another picture out the car window.  Not so good, but it was so pretty that night with the pink on the mountains.

Tony's new toy.

Valentines Day.

My mom and sister came up for my birthday.

Laura made me a homemade cake for my birthday.  It was awesome.  It's been a long time since someone has done that.

Rachel and baby Henry.  He is so so cute.

Rachel lost her first tooth.