April 11, 2014

Playing Catch Up - November 2013

We went to an Aggie game.  We actually won.  It was still really nice and warm.

 This is the best I could get out of Jonah.

Then of course it snowed the next day.

Some more amazing skies.  Not Photoshopped.

My mom teaching Rachel how to sew.  Which is really cool, because she taught me how to sew too when I was this age.

I let Rachel decorate her own birthday cake this year.  She loved it.

 Waiting for her birthday present that Tony was getting out of the car.

Very happy 6 year old.

I was super sick at Thanksgiving.  I had just gotten out of the hospital that day.  So Tony did dinner the next night.  I still was too sick to eat, but it all smelled and looked good.

April 10, 2014

Playing Catch Up - October 2013

Fall is my favorite season.  I wish it lasted longer.

 We celebrated Amy's birthday.

Rachel was Sophia the First for Halloween.  My mom made her costume from just a picture.  No pattern.  She is an awesome seamstress.

The only thing I don't like about fall is raking.  We have 12 trees on our property.  10 of which are maples and have leaves the size of your head.

63 bags.  No lie.

Playing Catch Up - September 2013

Of course it snowed in September. I don't know why it surprised me every year.

We had some amazing clouds in the evening.  These are taken off of my back deck.  Not Photoshopped.

Our favorite parade of the year.  Jonah is halfway smiling good. 

We meet my friend Tara there every year.  It's a fun tradition.

April 8, 2014


I have been wanting to redo my living room for years.  The carpet was falling apart. It would never come clean when we shampooed it and it was just plain ugly.  So this year with our tax return I decided it was time to do it.  Since we were redoing the flooring I thought it would be the best time to repaint.  What a HUGE project it turned out to be.  We started in February and just got it completely finished last week.  There is no such thing as a weekend paint job.

Here are some before pictures.  These were taken at Christmas a few years ago, but were the only ones I could really find of the whole room.  The couches are moved in these to make more room for the family, so they really were set up like the couches are now.

This was the Christmas before my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  I look at them and wish for those happier times when his cancer and death weren't even a thought in my mind.

I decided I wanted to repaint the brown wall blue.  You can see we had 4 colors we were choosing from.  The wall sat like this for a week because I couldn't decide.  


We had had some water damage to our roof that had leaked through and bubbled up our paint a few years back.  Tony had to chisel it off and sand it and retexture it. It looks perfect now.  You can't even tell there was damage to the wall there.

Thank heavens we had Tony's ladders and planks from work.  Otherwise we would have never been able to paint the vaulted ceilings and walls.

I couldn't decide what to do with the banister.  After we repainted the white part it just made the top look even uglier.  Thank heavens for pinterest.  I decided to paint it black.  (Of course this is after the white was painted.)

Last couple of pictures of the horrid carpet.  They also show how nice the new white walls look.  I painted over the flower border too.  FYI - There are a zillion colors of white, and once you paint one wall the new white, every other wall looks dirty.

No matter how much you vacuum, and I just had gotten a Dyson the week before this picture was taken, there will always be a ton of dirt under your carpet.  Gross.

They did the laminate on Monday and the carpet on Wednesday.

New room. Yeah!!!  Now I'm the "Take your shoes off!" natzi.

I'm so happy with it.  It feels so much cleaner and more comfortable.  Now I want to redo the whole house.