November 24, 2012

Holiday Catch Up

Halloween - It was nice to be able to use Rachel's flower girl dress for something else.  She was a princess.  Her daycare did a carnival.  It was lots of fun.  Then we crashed the other neighbor church's trunk or treat later that day.  We didn't take her out door to door.  She had fun handing out candy.  I spent the evening in the ER with Jeremy.   Our usual holiday hang out it seems.  He is feeling better.  Still having stomach problems.

Rachel's 5th Birthday - We didn't have a big party. (We had a wedding instead.)  My parents came up and we ate cake and opened presents.  Yes, I didn't brush her hair before her pictures.  I'm a slacker.

Thanksgiving - We had it at our house.  My sister and her family were going to come up but ended up with the flu.  So it was just us.  It was nice.  We played game and watched Brave (5 bazillion times.)  Tony made a beautiful turkey again this year.

My dad's surgery is scheduled for this next Friday the 30th.  We are hoping and praying for the best.  He is slowing down and always very tired, but he is in great spirits.

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Sandra said...

Bummer of a way to spend your Halloween. Did they find out what was wrong. I hope everything goes well for your Dad.